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This guide and the information indulged in it, is meant for anyone and everyone related to Android.You shall find its necessity at several occasions like taking logs, flashing firmware images, updating phone software, flashing ROMs/Recoveries & even while developing a ROM/Kernel/Application.If you have been in relation with the Android sphere, I assume you know of what ADB is.Even if you don’t, you shall now recite it as here we’re going in to a little depth about the same.So, from users to developers, it will come in a fully equipped and loaded command-line tool which is put to use in order to communicate with an Android device.ADB tool is provided along side the Android SDK and one could easily find this tiny but versatile tool under Now, lets see how can a user set up ADB on his various OS incl. Since ADB is bundled with Android SDK, so you need it prior for your respective OS.

The default CNTK math library is the Intel Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL).CNTK may be successfully run in many Linux configurations, but in case you want to avoid possible compatibility issues you may get yourself familiar with CNTK Production Build and Test configuration where we list all dependency component and component versions that we use.Before moving any further you may consider deploying CNTK as a Docker container. Please, read carefully this section before you proceed with your system configuration.CNTK supports using the Intel MKL via a custom library version MKLML.Installing the MKLML library: Install Open Message Passing Interface Library (Open MPI).

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